December 15, 2019

Prints Sales from Visual Works

Visual Works offers a series of photographic prints for sale this festive season. Each member of the group has chosen a series of 5 photos taken from recent projects. The photographs are 40cm x 50cm approx (16x20 inch) and are printed on high quality canvas mounted on a wooden frame and are ready to hang directly on the wall. 

Each print costs € 99. For special offers, discounts and different formats please contact us. The price does not include sending costs. 

Please contact us at the address below for more information:

Here is an example to show how the photographs look mounted on canvas: 

Here is the collection of photographs that we offer:

December 14, 2019

Landscape 04 by Gordon Haslett

This is one of the photos on offer from Visual Works as described above. It was taken at Pedregalejo Beach on a stormy day in October. It is a montage of 6 individual photos. This creates a super wide angle image, at high resolution, using only a basic digital camera. More interestingly it also works with time. Each image is taken a few seconds after the other. It is a sort of cross between a long exposure photo and a very, very short film. Hope you like it.

Malaga sky 05

This picture was taken just at the right moment.
The sky was perfect and in the foreground people were fishing.All the elements were working.
To this day this picture is a favourite of mine and always reminds me how amazing Malaga is.

Abstract Reality 03 by Pablo Ruiz

Photography use to reveal nature as a straight reality. This work tries to find out, by choosing different points of view, how reality, nature and photography, are able to show abstracts images. This is all about, textures and colours, lights and shadows, abstraction and reality, sensations and feelings